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 Kids Gymnastics
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  Umbilico in Rosebery  &  Sydney Olympic Park


 Kids & Teens Classes at Umbilico.

KindyGym 3.5yrs-5yrs (45min)
This class is recommended for children aged 3.5yrs-5yrs who can confidently leave mum/dad at the door ready to start in their FUN lesson. Their class involves introductions to locomotive movements, shaping, strength and co-ordination and balance. The fortnightly themes give the children an avenue for communication and a creative path to move their bodies. We make sure all the children are understanding the safety aspects of gymnastics like landings. They are gradually picking up the gymnastics vernacular and learn to take ownership in following circuits. We love to encourage the children to try things themselves and slowly they understand their bodies in more ways than they realise. Yvette and Karl take pride in individualising their approach to teaching so everyone is catered to and has the correct avenue for leaning new movement patterns and creating good habits.  

KindyGym 4-5yrs (1hour)
This class is for children ready for more challenges and who can physically and emotionally cope with an hour class. They work on fortnightly themes and this enables Yvette and Karl to deliver lessons in a FUN setting and to cater to early-childhood needs. We make sure they are learning all the lead up skills that will enable them to be confident in their approach to an older class. They are learning all the basics of handstands, cartwheels, multi-directional rolls, complex jumps and also how to link all these together. They thrive on challenges in this age group and if your child is in this class they need a basic understanding of their bodies and a willingness to get strong and follow circuits. 

Kids Gymnastics
5-7yrs, 7+yrs & Teen 12-16yrs:
These classes welcomes any level from beginner to intermediate. You will work with both Karl and Yvette in developing, refining and mastering all different types of gymnastics strength and tumbling drills e.g. handstands, cartwheels, handsprings, somersaults. They learn all the fundamentals of gymnastics (strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, body awareness) and work on skill acquisition and confidence in moving. Dependent on previous experience in gymnastics, skills take take various times to learn, but with a willingness to put in the hard work and trust the guidance of the teachers, this class will work on the appropriate level of skills their bodies are ready for. UrbanGymnast is known for its attention to the finer details of gymnastics e.g. strength, flexibility and mobility. Without proper development of all these elements in equal balance, then skills become harder and more dangerous. We love guiding and teaching our students all the drills required to be able to safely achieve milestones along their journey. Preparation is key. Fun is essential!

Coach Yvette & Karl
 will train you to:

Construct YOUR Potential

Unleash YOUR UrbanGymnast™


We have designed and created specialised and specific training for adults to reach their physical potential through gymnastics.


Our cornerstone to all physical preparation in class is the importance of mobility. We increase each individuals mobility over time and systematic approaches to accelerate learning and adaptation of connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and joints. Mobility is NOT the same as Flexibility.


Bodyweight strength is important, more so than just moving or lifting weights. Everyone is capable of controlling their bodies to perform efficiently and effectively, moving into, through, and out of positions with the use of their own strength. With increased gymnastics strength you will have less injuries and more freedom of movement.


Flexibility is increased in conjunction with  our mobility and strength programs that are embedded into each and every class. Your flexibility will increase from the combination of mobility, strength, stability and flexibility work. When your body starts to free up, so too does your movement and the potential to gain more gymnastics skills.



 At UrbanGymnast™ ALL our classes and programming are underpinned on the BEST and AGE APPROPRIATE Technique and individual progressive learning styles. No two people are the same so why should you be expected to learn in the same way and at the same pace. 


We believe in taking a wholistic approach to developing our gymnasts at all levels and ages. The key to our success and delivery of achievable outcomes is in the individualised and specific progressions that we use. Physically, Educationally, Emotionally and Psychologically.


In our children’s, kids and teens classes we target and apply specific MOBILITY exercises based on their current stage of physical development. We do not over-stress growth plates, joints or connective tissues.


Again we believe in creating the optimal and most age appropriate strength & power ratio. We balance the strength development with exercises targeted to creating lasting and transferable physical gains making a solid foundation to build on for any sport or activity.


Just like MOBILITY we encourage our gymnasts to acquire FLEXIBILITY that is useable and appropriate for their growth stage. We teach them to take an active approach in this and learn along the way.


Our training programs are progressive and tailored to each individual’s abilities and desires, helping them to successfully achieve their maximum potential while having fun and increasing wellbeing and fitness.


Gymnastics is a fundamental training discipline used for spatial awareness training. We have taken drills and progressions from elite international level athlete development,  structuring them in a way to impact the spatial awareness training for everyone, not just elite athletes who train 40hrs + per week.


Our vestibular system provides the major contribution to sense of balance and spatial orientation. Movements consist of rotations and translations. Our brain uses information interpreted from the vestibular system in our head and, from proprioception throughout the body,  this is used to understand our body’s dynamics and kinematics (including its position and acceleration) from moment to moment. We have developed gymnastics exercises & drills  to enhance and refine development of these senses to accelerate your gymnastics skills learning and a holistic movement education.


At UrbanGymnast™ we appreciate and respect that everyone is an individual. Inside each class, we endeavour to make everyone’s training and journey their own. We work with your strengths and help to even out or eliminate your weaknesses. We are right by your side every step of the way and share in the excitement of your gains.

You can! TRAIN & MOVE like an UrbanGymnast™